T -37. 9 miles. Althea told me

IMG_6238.JPGNice hard 9 miles with Althea in the early morning. Everything is feeling good. Pack, shoes, legs. Seems like it is all coming together.

Spent the dark hours before walking putting together some dinner bags for maildrops. 8oz of dehydrated beans, 6oz of Minute Rice, four packets of olive oil, and small bags of onions, jalape├▒os, kale, and tomatoes. Just need to add Fritos and some cheese. I’ll add Fritos to some of the boxes. At other stops I’ll just look to add the chips and cheese. I can eat this dinner hot or cold by soaking it for an hour in a peanut butter jar. Each day gets 2oz of beans and 1.5oz of the rice with a portion of everything else.

IMG_6242.JPGSlow progress on my organization of maildrops. It’s a puzzle that doesn’t ┬áhave a picture. I’m going to have to make some hard decisions soon. Maybe some divine intervention will occur, and I’ll be blessed with fantastic insight.

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