T -40. No miles, no miles, no miles

IMG_6205.JPGAfter the big push this weekend, I haven’t done any serious walking for three days. Monday did find me picking up meat from the butcher. Freezers are full of enough beef to last two years. It’ll be a little freezer burned by the end, but we’ll have food even if my unemployment stretches a bit beyond the end of my five months of walking.

I picked up a bit of pain in my hip. Not sure where it came from as I didn’t notice it while walking or the day after. I fell hard on my left side in late winter pulling a #100 feed sack out of my jeep. Slipped on the ice and landed awkwardly. Doesn’t make sense that it would hurt now, but I can’t think of anything else.

I ordered boxes from the post office, so the mail drop organization process should be able to start next week.




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