T -44. 11 Mile to 28th

Whooped my legs. Didn’t have the GPS so I’m not sure how far it was. Old maps are not accurate with mileage. Just guessing 28 to 30 based on time. Maps would put it around 24. 

Day opened beautifully with a meteor flashing across the southron sky seconds after I opened my eyes. I’m taking it as a sign that all is as it should be because it went east to west in the south. After that loons calling and sand hill cranes sounding.  Some little creature chewed the end of my shoelace off and put three small holes in my sock during the night. Taped up the end and rolled on. 

I figured out I do need a strap for my quilt. My inflatable pad is high enough that a gap can occur during a roll over. I need a belt too. Otherwise gear all checked out fine.  

Finished the walk in a beautiful stretch of Michigan wetlands. 

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