Althea and I cruised a quick five miles after I got home from school. Nine would have been a better number for today, but it was late by the time I made it home. Althea hasn’t gone farther than five miles yet. Soon!  Miles need to start flowing hot and heavy to be ready come Montana.

Pack was loaded with most of my gear. Water bottles and food bag were missing. Bear spray missing. Couple other things too, but that made the pack come in awesome light. Only 13.4 lbs on the hand scale. I was wearing my long pants and windbreaker, so that lightened it up a bit.

The umbrella wasn’t included either. I could see some potential in the umbrella, but I have to play with how it is attached. It’s not comfortable yet. The handle keeps dropping below the shoulder strap which puts another pressure point on my clavicle. I don’t like that!

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