“I’m coming home to walk my own floors. Coming home to the one I adore.”

I’ve run my body to the end. I’ve fallen several times in the last few days and am battered and bruised to go along with my exhausted mental state.

Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and a sizeable chunk of Colorado will do it for this long haul. I’ve been out since June 20, and I’m just plain out of juice. It breaks my heart, but it’s a fact. And I’m okay with it. 

In 55 miles, Tuesday 9/5, I’ll make Berthud Pass. From there I’ll hitch into Winter Park and take a Greyhound into Denver. Amtrak will bring me to Holland from there.

I’m going to try and just relax and enjoy these last few days.

Love to all who’ve supported me without fail.

Kindness matters

Truckin’ on (For a couple more days)


13 thoughts on “The End–Berthud Pass

  1. It has been quite a journey. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. What you have done can only be described as epic. You have been in beast mode and I am super impressed with all of it. Sorry you are cutting it short but you are doing what is right for you, and I admire that.

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  2. Kudos on your significant achievement. Wisdom to know when to stop trumps determination to keep going. You’ve demonstrated true grit and courage along the way which has been truly inspirational. Looking forward to connecting regarding the resume/job search when you get back to the Mitten. Best wishes!

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  3. Jordan, Macy, Jaxson, Lee and I are so proud of how far you have come. Your an outstanding individual, an amazing role model and asset to our small community, AND one of the bravest men we know. You have accomplished more than most would ever have dreamed of. We admire you Mike. You have shown our children that you can do all things if you put your mind to it. We look foreword to hearing about your adventure.


  4. Mike, It will be good to see you my friend. Even with the journey shortened, I know you cleared your head and are ready for your next adventure. After spending time with your family, give me a call and we will meet up. My treat.

    Paul Shoup


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